Business Customer? Click here to Pay by ACH

Consumer/Residential Instructions for Paying An Invoice By Check (ACH)


To pay a Synergy invoice by check, you will need to use the link at the bottom of this page. Once you process your ACH payment, your order will be processed immediately. 



Step 1. Fill out the Payment Form

In order to pay the invoice by sending a Digital Check, you need to add your name, email, the amount and in the description box, please enter the "invoice number". Here you can also choose to make your payment recurring, choose the frequency and the number of recurring installments. If you don't know the number of recurring months, leave this box blank and you can cancel this payment method anytime you are ready.

Step 2. Click "Send Payment"

Once the information is filled in you will need to select the "Send Payment to Synergy" link. 

Step 3. Choose account type.

Choose the account type you are sending from "Individual" or "Business" and check off that you have read the terms. If this is for a business, please follow this link: Business ACH Link

Step 4. Verify

Fill out your "Phone Number" and select how you would like to receive verification ("Text Message" or "Phone Call," then fill in the verification number and click "Verify" .

Step 5. Find your Bank

Follow the prompt and then "Select your bank"

Step 6. Enter Your credentials

Fill out your account information and send the money!

Please Note:  If you get the above box, your transaction is NOT complete.

If you do not have sufficient funds in the account to make the payment, you will get a return that will look like the above screenshot. In order to process a digital check with Synergy, the funds must be verifiable and in your account at the time you process the payment, otherwise the payment will not be processed and your internet or project order will be cancelled in our system.

If this information was helpful and you are now ready to pay by check, click the link below. Once you finished paying by ACH, we can start processing your order.