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Change or Cancel Service


The following information will help you make changes to your Synergy account, including transferring or moving service and upgrading your services. If you need to cancel service, please call us at 855.7.SYNERGY.

Change or Cancel Service

Transferring Synergy Service

If you’re planning to move, chat with our staff on the bottom right or open a trouble ticket to confirm your new address is located in an area where we provide service. Additionally, you can submit a "Check Availability Request" using the button on the right:

Transferring Account and Name Change

You can transfer your Synergy account to another responsible party or change the name on your account under the following circumstances:


  1. Marriage or legal name change.
  2. Deceased account owner.

To transfer account ownership, please contact a staff member through chat on the bottom right or call us. Name change will require a new identity check and proof such as a marraige certificate or death certificate. 

Downgrade Data Plan

If any of your Unlimited lines typically use less than 5 GB of data per billing cycle, you can easily switch from an Unlimited data plan to pay By the Gig. Downgrading your data plan will take effect on your next bill cycle.


Upgrade Data Plan

If you switch a line from By the Gig to an Unlimited plan, the change will take effect immediately, and it will apply to the current billing period. You will only be charged the difference in price for the new data plan. There is no new activation fee. By the Gig data charges from the current billing cycle that are associated with the line that is switching to an Unlimited plan will be removed from your bill.


Note: Once you upgrade a line, you will not be able to downgrade that line until your next billing cycle (Month 2), and that change will take effect on your following bill (Month 3).


For example, Frank upgraded to an Unlimited plan in the middle of his billing period that goes from May 1 – May 31 (Month 1). He would like to downgrade his service for the next month, starting June 1, but is unable to make that change until after the first day of his next billing cycle (Month 2). That change would then take effect on July 1: the first of day of the following billing cycle (Month 3).


Removing Services


To cancel service, please chat with us by using the chat feature at the bottom right or contact us by phone.

Equipment can be returned at your cost to:


Synergy Internet, Attn: Equipment Return, P.O. Box 16546, Encino, CA 91416



Billing Questions

Have questions about your bill? Contact accounting by clicking here.

Get help understanding your bill, what to expect and how to dispute incorrect charges.



If you’re having trouble with your Synergy service, we’re here to help. Contact us or visit our support page for further assistance.